Monday, June 07, 2010

Ani Yehudi

I know that this video has been making the rounds for a month or so, but this is my first opportunity--this is the first video and/or link I've posted since my mother's death. Her first yahrzeit (anniversary of death, by the Jewish calendar) was 20 Sivan, from sunset last Tuesday night until sunset last Wednesday night. I'm posting this video link in memory of Esther bat Chaim v'Golda.

Here's the introduction that I received via Shlock Rock News e-mail--it includes the link. Enjoy!

"Over 320,000 You Tube Views - Ani Yehudi - We Are The World Style!

If we would tell you that Lenny Solomon has a video which has been seen

over 320,000 times on you tube we would not be lying! The song Ani Yehudi which was written and released by Lenny in 2004 was re-recorded by Pop Israeli Superstar Kobi Oz along with Lenny and twelve other artists. Seven religious and seven secular singing stars took lines in the Ani Yehudi 2010 version and it has been a smash hit! Here it is for you to watch! There are seven different versions on You Tube. No Subtitles, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Yiddish and

English (HD) Enjoy! In honor of Israel's 62nd Birthday here is Ani Yehudi!

The song is in Hebrew - here it is with no subtitles

Here it is with English subtitles

Pass it along to your family and friends.

Email us at with your comments!"



Blogger Betsy said...

May your mother's memory be a blessing. And thanks for the video.

Mon Jun 07, 11:07:00 PM 2010  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Tex Betsy, thank you for your kind words.

Thanks to Lenny Solomon and Kobi Oz for the video. I love it, and it was my pleasure to post it.

Mon Jun 07, 11:18:00 PM 2010  

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